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2010 Limited Edition Charm


2011 Limited Edition Charm


440 3D charm


8-Pointed Star Charm


Beads for Saftey Pin


Bear Paw Charm


Charm Holder Goin' Sewin'


Charm Holder Quilt Barn


Cupcake Charm


Dresden Plate Charm


Dutchman's Puzzle Charm


Flamingo Charm


Flip Flop Charm


Flower Basket Charm


Flower Garden Chain Charm


Hands All Around Charm


Irish Chain Charm


Little Country Schoolhouse Charm


Log Cabin Blues Charm


Log Cabin Browns Charm


Modern Quilt Charm


Necklace for Charms


North Star Light Charm


Patched Heart Country Charm


Rondelle spacers for charm holder


Safety Pin Charm Holder


Schoolhouse Red Charm


Silver French Earring Wires


Spool Green Charm


Spool Red Charm


Spool Teal Charm


Square in a Square Charm


Thimble Charm