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831 S. Church St.
Lowell, NC 28098
(704) 824-1961
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Temporarily Closed until end of April as a  North Carolina Stay at Home directive due to COVID-19.

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Henry Glass & Co.

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Ain't Life A Hoot

Are We There Yet?

Be My Hero

Coastal Paradise

Daddy and Me


I Love You This Much

Jolly Ole' St Nick

Quilt Camp

Spring Awakens

The Cat's Meow

I Spy

Quilter's Flour


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Basic Dot Orange


Frightful & Delightful Words on Purple Glow in the Dark


Mini Skulls Black


Botanical green


Gardenia Green with yellow dots


Harmony Blue with brown dots


Harmony Blue/Brown


Harmony Blue/Brown Leaves


Harmony Brown with Blue Berries


In The Pink II


In The Pink II


In The Pink II


In The Pink II




Quilter's Flour


Quilter's Flour


Serenity Blue with Paisley


Serenity Blue/diamonds


Serenity Brown with diamonds


Serenity Cream with Blue Flowers


Serenity Cream with blue vine


Serenity Cream with Brown Swirls


Serenity Cream with green vine


Serenity Green with blue/cream grid


Serenity Green with brown vines


Serenity Green with Diamonds


Serenity Green with flowers


Serenity Green with Paisley


Serenity Green/Cream Stripe


Serenity Stripe


Serenity Tan with big flowers


Serenity Tan with blue flowers


Serenity Tan with blue/cream grid


Serenity Tan with green vine


Serenity Tonal Blue


Serenity Tonal Cream


Serenity Tonal Green


Serenity Tonal Tan


Sew Be It Green


Sew Be It Multi Stripe Yellow


Sew Be It Purple


Simple Pleasure Blue Border


Simple Pleasure Dot Multi


Simple Pleasures Butterflies Yellow


Simple Pleasures Leaves Blue


The King's Arrival Blue Holly


The King's Arrival Cream Tossed


The King's Arrival Gold Swirl


The King's Arrival Red Star


The King's Arrival Red Swirl