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Blend Fabrics

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Christmas Kitsch

Even a Mouse

Fall Goodness

Floral Pets

Hello World - Blend

I Love Christmas


Northern Seas

Snow Fun

Snowflake Waltz Collection

The Promise of Spring


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Alchemy Linked Eternal Green


Alchemy Linked Eternal White


Alchemy Ocean Flower Pink


Alchemy Spiral Dance White


Beauty is You Dancing Meadow Orange


Beauty is You Scalloped Orange


Bella Buttons Pink


Bella Flower Orange


Bella Medallion Yellow


Bella Petals Green


Bella Petals Orange


Bella Scrollwork pink


Bonjour Bijou Green


Bonjour Grande Dame Brown


Homegrown Panel Dark


Homegrown Panel Light


Paisleigh Teardrops Regal Blue


Paisleigh Teardrops Turquoise


Paisleigh Tussie Mussie


Paisleigh Wings of Fancy White


The Sweet Life Delight Blue


The Sweet Life Delight Pink


The Sweet Life Field Blue


The Sweet Life Field Pink


The Sweet Life Pure Blue


The Sweet Life Seeds Blue