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Fiberworks (Laura Heine) Patterns

Books and Patterns > Fiberworks (Laura Heine) Patterns
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Abilene Collage


Billie The Goat Collage


Birch Street


Birds of a Feather Collage


Black Cat Collage


Cake Mix Collage


Caleb The Camel Collage


Chirp Chirp Collage


Cloth Sloth


Confetti Horse Collage


Cora Collage


Doodle Doo Rooster Collage


Eat Cake Collage


Ebba Seahorse Collage


Emerson Collage


Featherweight Collage


Flaura Vintage Trailer Collage


Flower Power by Laura Heine


Freida Fox Collage


Garden Party


Glam Clam Collage


Hazel Nutt Collage


Hen Rietta Collage


Hip Hop Collage


Honey Bee Collage


Live, Laugh, Love Pillows Collage


Lola & Olive Collage


LuLu Collage


Maddox Moose Collage


Making Fish Collage


Meadow Collage


Mini Havana Collage


Mini Pincushion Collage Pattern


Nesting Collage


Nick Santa Collage


Oh Deer Collage


Old Blue Collage


Paisley Bear Collage


Peacock Collage


Perfect Form




Pincushion Collage


Pink Cadillac Collage


Pink Pump Collage Pattern


Poki Mini Giraffe Collage


Potpourri Collage


Purrfect by Laura Heine


Seawell Sea Turtle Collage


Sirene Collage


Special Delivery Collage


Tea Party Collage Pattern


Teeny Tiny Collage Pattern Group 1


Teeny Tiny Collage Pattern Group 2


Teeny Tiny Collage Pattern Group 3


The Dress Collage


The Embroidered Dress Collage


The Guardian Angel Collage


The Quilt Studio


White Buffalo Collage