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Sewline Products

Basic Sewing Supplies > Sewline Products
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Needle Threader Cartridge


Air Erasable Fabric Pen


Lead Refill - Black


Lead Refill - Green


Lead Refill - Pink


Lead Refill - White


Lead Refill - Yellow


Sew Line Needle Threader


Sewline Aquaeraser


Sewline Fabric Eraser


Sewline Fabric Eraser Refill for Pen


Sewline Fabric Eraser Refill for Stick


Sewline Fabric Pencil - Black


Sewline Fabric Pencil - Green


Sewline Fabric Pencil - Pink


Sewline Fabric Pencil - White


Sewline Fabric Pencil - Yellow


Sewline Gift Set with Case


Sewline Pencil Trio


Sewline Stain Maid


Sewline Tailor's Click Pencil - Blue


Sewline Tailor's Click Pencil - Pink


Sewline Tailor's Click Pencil - white


Sewline Tracer Roller Ball Pen


Sewline Trio Mechanical Pencil


Water Solluble Glue Refill Blue


Water Solluble Glue Refill Pink


Water Solluble Glue Refill Yellow


Water Soluble Glue Pen - Blue