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Basic Sewing Supplies > Scissors
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Alligator Clamps


Clauss Rag Quilt Scissor


Doll Stuffer Alligator Forceps (Hemostat)


Emb Scissor 3 W/fun Prints


Emb Scissor 3 W/fun white dots


Emb Scissor 3 W/Optical Swirl


Emb Scissor 3 W/stripes


Embroidery Snips


Expert Embroidery Scissors 3.5"


Fiskars Easy Action Rag Quilt Snip


Fiskars Spring Action Micro Tip Scissors


Floriani's Favorite Embroidery Tools


Gingher 8 Knife Edge Scissors


Gingher 8 Lightweight Bent Trimmers


Gingher 9" Lightweight Bent Scissors






Gingher Seam Ripper Replacement Blades


Havel's 6 Serrated Fabric Scissors


Havel's Curved-End Scissors 5.5"


Havel's Double Curved Applilque Scissors


Havel's Double Curved Scissors


Havel's Extra Fine Double Curved Scissors


Havel's Longer Double Curved Scissors


Holiday 3.5" Scissors


Holiday 3.5" Scissors collection 2


Holiday Scissor 8"


Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Point Scissors 4" (Small)


Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors (Medium) 6"


Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors 7 1/2 Large)


Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors (Curved)


Mundial Gold Stork Scissor


NN 3.5 inch Blunt Nose Travel Emb. Scissors


NN 412in Appliq Sciss wBill


NN 9 Dress Maker Shears


NN Hemostat 10 inches


NN Hemostat 3.5


NN Rag Quilt Snips 6.25


NN Scissors Classic Design Gold 3.5


NN Scissors Dbl Curve Machine Emb 4


NN Scissors Industrial Trimming Straight 5


NN Scissors Industrial Trimming Straight 6


NN Scissors Large Ring Fine Point Straight 4"


NN Scissors Micro Tip Curved


NN Scissors Micro Tip Straight 4


NN ScissorsApplique w/o Bill 6"


NN Seam Ripper Surgical w 2 blades


NN Tweezers Opposable


NN Tweezers Precision Micro Tip


NN Tweezers Swiss Style 4


OESD Duck Bill Applique Scissors 6 inch


Perfect Scissors Karen Kay Buckley Multi-Purpose


QR Scissors 3.5 Blunt Nose


QR Scissors 5 Straight Trimming


QR Scissors 5.5 Hemo Stat Straight


QR Scissors 6 Double Curved Quilt


QR Scissors 6 Nickel Chrome Applique


QR Scissors 9 Tailor/Dress Makers


Rainbow Easy Kut Spring Action Scissor


Sassy Scissors Set - 1 straight blade and 1 curved blade


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