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Basic Sewing Supplies > Pins
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100 Flat Flower Pins 2


50 Flat Flower Pins 2"


50 Quilter's Flat Flower Pins


All Purpose Pins


Applique Glass Head Pin Size 12 - 3/4in 150ct


Applique Pins


Bohin Extra Long Quilter's Pins - glass


Button Flat Head Pin Size 24 - 1 1/2in 50ct


Button Flat Head Pins


Curved Basting Pins 100 size 1


Curved Basting Pins 65 size 2


Curved Safety Pin 1 1/2in Size 2 40ct


Curved Safety Pins size 1 50 ct


Curved Saftey Pins 65ct


Dots-of-Fun pins


Fine Glasshead Pins 1 3/8 250ct


Flower Head Pins


Flower Head Pins 100


IBC Flower Head Pins 178"


IBC Glass Head Silk Pins - Red


IBC Glass Head Silk Pins - white


IBC Red Glass Head Pins


Iris Super Fine Pins


Lovely Leaflets pins


Magic Pins Applique 50ct


Magic Pins Extra Long 50ct


Magic Pins Patchwork Xfine 50ct


Magic Pins Quilting Fine 50pc


Magic Pins Silk Fine 50ct


Nickel-Plated Steel Safety Pins


NN Flower Head Pins Bx/100


Patchwork Glasshead Pin Size 30 - 1 1/2in 100ct


Patchwork Pins.5mm x L36mm


Pins 112in 250ct 6Bx


Quilter's Safety Pins - 150


Quilters Safety Pins Size 2


Quilting Pins


Quilting Pins 1 3/4 250


Quilting Pins 134" 80ct 6bx


Silk Glasshead Pin Size 30 - 1-1/4in 100ct


Silk Pins


Tailor Mate Magic Fine Pins Patchwork 50pc


Tailor Mate Magic Pins In Designer Case 50pc