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Mini Poppins Bag

Prior to the class you will need to purchase the Mini Poppins Bags pattern, including stays.  This pattern shows 2 bags but we are doing the small one so we can focus on learning how to put in the zipper.


To prepare for the class you will need to purchase the supplies listed on the back of the pattern under “Small”.  I recommend that you purchase the pre-made bottoms as specified.


Then you will need to refer to page 1 of the pattern, again under “Small”, and cut out your fabric, etc., as specified.  Be sure to label and keep your pieces organized.


You will also need basic sewing supplies.  These are also listed on the pattern.  When sewing it is nice to have your FHS, a #10 foot, a quarter inch foot, and your walking foot.  You will also need topstitch or denim needles.  NOTE:  A 45MM ROTARY CUTTER is not big enough for project.

Mini Poppins Bag

$ 35.00