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Whirling Stripes

Do you love Kaffe fabrics but want to try stripes instead of florals?  Did you buy the book but need inspiration or help to make a quilt?  Have you pulled your hair out with paper piecing but want to try again with success and fun?  Then, come have fun creating this quilt. As shown in the book, it is 52” square but you can make it any size you want. Make 16 blocks or just 4?  You decide.  With or without sashing.  I made 9 blocks set 3 x3 with sashing, approximately 56” square. 

Book Required: Quilts in Ireland.  (This is one of the books used in the Fall, 2019 Kaffe Workshop at SMF, so you may already have it!  Check your shelves).

Fabrics:  Note the following is for the size of my 9 block quilt.

“Block Background”: Solids or almost solid of any color or just one color.  I used a neutral grunge but any color will work. The book uses a variety of shot cottons by Kaffe but any solid or low volume fabric will work.  You will need 1/3 yd for each block you make or you can get 2 blocks out of a ½ yard.   Determine how many blocks you plan to make to determine your yardage.

Block Twirling Stripes:  I used 9 different Kaffe woven stripes but you can use any fabric you want.  You can also use any stripe you want.  The stripes give more movement visually but it’s up to you.  You will need 1/3 for each block you make or you can get 2 blocks out of a ½ yard.

Block center fabric:  I used scraps of Kaffe fabrics for my squares.  You will only need a 3” strip. The book uses the border fabric.

Sashing fabric.  Optional, only needed if you plan to separate blocks with sashing as I did. Sashing makes the construction a little easier but it looks great either way.  You will need ½- ¾ yard depending on the width of your sashing and the size of your quilt.

+++++  Border fabric:  Note if you are making the quilt in the book, refer to the book for amounts of border fabric, which includes center squares and binding.  For my quilt size, Border fabric: 1 yard.  I used this fabric also for sashing squares.  Add 1/4 yard of your border fabric if you plan to use it for sashing squares or center of blocks. 

Binding fabric: Add binding yardage of your border fabric. Amount depends on size of your quilt.  Or you may use leftover fabrics for a scrappy binding.

 Required Notions:

Sewing Machine in good working order.

Sewing notions.  Includes pins, scissor, quality thread and new sharp needle.

Rotary cutter with new sharp blade and rotary mat (medium size).

Required Notions, cont’d.

High Quality Paper Piecing Paper. I recommend Carol Doak Foundation Paper available at SMF.

Add a Quarter Ruler.  This is a must.  Comes in various sizes but for this pattern, the 6” size is not long enough.  I like the 12” size. The 18” size will work also.  Do NOT get the Add a Quarter Plus.

Glue stick for paper.  I use the UHU brand.

Glue pen for fabric. Sold at SMF.

Template plastic, approximately 3 x 12” works well and will work on other sized paper piecing projects.  Template plastic provides a sturdy flat folding edge. If you have questions, contact me.

Optional Notions but recommended.

Small mat or rotating mat is useful to sit next to sewing machine. Travel iron and small ironing mat if you have them. I love the new wool ironing mats.  Shop sells wool ironing mats.  Shop will have an ironing board set up also.

Instructor:  Kelly Zellars.  Questions? Contact Kelly at

Whirling Stripes

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