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Mini Collage Quilt

Do you want to try collage? The Laura Heine collages are a great way to jump into collage world.  Using one of the “Teeny Tiny” Collage Patterns, we will cover tips to prepare your fabrics and the techniques to blend fabrics, analyze color movement, and build your collage.  We end class with a discussion of finishing options. You will be ready to go home ready to make more collage quilts! Bring a friend and enjoy a fun day sharing fabric, ideas, and creativity.

Every student must have their own pattern.  Students may choose any of the collage quilts in the collection of Teeny Tiny Collage Patterns and each has 3 choices!  There are currently 5 sets to choose from:  #1, (dress, fish, or elephant), #2 (, cow, fox or truck), #3 (flamingo, bear, camper) #4 (mermaid, turtle, octopus), and #5 (pin cushion, sewing machine, or dress form). I am a certified Laura Heine instructor and I am required to honor all copyright law.  Plus, it’s the right thing to do.


Supplies--- Check the back of the pattern you choose. Each one differs slightly.  Suggestions:

Fabrics: Background fabrics:  variety of lights and mediums.  Suggestion:  3 x 5 or 4 x 6 work well for cutting motifs. Or choose a collection of 5” squares or cut from layer cakes.  For the focal point, (e.g., fox) fabrics: variety of scraps or small pieces (6”x* 8”) of florals, motifs, characters, leaves, feathers, etc. Because these are small quilts, make sure you have some fabrics with small prints. Look at your pattern to see the size of focal point pieces. Also, depending on your pattern choice, you will need some small pieces of tone on tone or low contrast prints to use in collage blending. Binding and Backing fabrics (not needed for class).


Pattern Ease for foundation.  Approximately, 20x23

Steam a Seam 2 fusible:  Note for these mini quilts, the pattern recommends Steam a Seam 2 not the Lite Steam a Seam2 version.  I agree.

Fabric glue. I like the Fabric Fusion. Important that the glue can withstand heat and dry clear. Sold at SMF.

Transparent Applique Pressing Sheet (medium or large). At least 17 x 25.  Must be able to see through. The mini collage quilts require this notion.   You will find it is very handy on many applique quilts. SMF carries several sizes and styles.

BLACK Sharpie pen (must be a ‘no-bleed’ permanent pen). Medium or Fine if you can read the fine through the applique pressing sheet.

#2 dark  pencil for marking underlays.  If you are using dark fabrics, bring a pink or blue pencil that will show up.  White will not show up on SAS2.


Karen K Buckley medium scissors (ridged blades make cutting easier) or similar scissors.  I also like the small red curved Karen Buckley scissors for cutting curved pieces.

Instructor:  Kelly Zellars. For any questions about the class or supplies, please contact Kelly at (please put Collage question in subject line).  All questions welcome.

Instructor Name:
Kelly Zellars
Instructor Bio:
Kelly is a Certified Laura Heine collage teacher.

Mini Collage Quilt

$ 55.00