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Cat Collage 2

Come have fun creating a one-of-a-kind collage art quilt.  Using “Black Cat” by Laura Heine, we will cover the techniques to blend fabrics and use them to create this holiday quilt (24”x 32).  I will help students focus on analyzing color movement and build their cat. We end class with a discussion of finishing options.


Black Cat Pattern by Laura Heine.  Each student must have their own pattern.  

See back for fabric requirements. Keep in mind the following:

Fabric sizes on pattern are approximate. It is more important to have variety of sizes and patterns than large pieces.  For example, Laura indicates a 6” square of red for spider tummy. This pieces is just a sliver showing in my quilt.

A variety of black, charcoal, black/grays work well for cat. Can be different sizes, from 6” square to 11” long, scraps or small pieces.  Longer pieces work well for tail or legs. Batiks work well also.

Background fabric(s):  variety of lights and mediums and variable sizes.  Background can be any colors you want, blending from lights to mediums. Batiks work well and can blend with cottons.  Looking for background colors that contrast with cat. Can be Halloween fabric or fall colors.

Bring few small pieces of fabric that have Halloween motifs for cutting out. Examples: bugs, pumpkins, ghosts, witches, etc.  Pattern calls these pieces “cuttables.”


Pattern Ease for foundation.  Approximately, 24 x 32”.

Steam a Seam 2 fusible:  Note the pattern recommends Steam a Seam 2 not the Lite Steam a Seam2.  I agree. SAS2 is the only double sided and repositionable fusible that will work for this quilt.

Fabric glue. I like the Fabric Fusion (available at SMF). Important that the glue can be ironed and dry clear.

Applique Pressing Sheet (medium or large).

BLACK Sharpie pen (must be a ‘no-bleed’ permanent pen). Medium or Fine if you can read the fine through the applique pressing sheet.

Optional:  Karen K Buckley medium scissors (ridged blades make cutting easier) or similar scissors.  I also like the small red curved Karen Buckley scissors for cutting curved pieces.

Instructor:  Kelly Zellars.  Contact Kelly at (please put Collage question in subject line) or call Kelly at 704-704-763-8041. 

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
All skill levels.
Instructor Name:
Kelly Zellars

Cat Collage 2

$ 55.00