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Mini Strip Collage Quilt

Come create a one-of-a-kind “mini” strip collage art quilt.  Using one of the “Teeny Tiny Collage Patterns by Laura Heine, we will cover the techniques to paint strips of patterns in these popular art quilts.   These smaller quilts are approximately 16” x “20” and can be finished or almost finished in one day. This class focuses on the strip approach for making the collage so students should choose one of the strip or painterly patterns. The Teeny Tiny Collage Patterns #1 includes the fish and Teeny Tiny Collage Pattern #2 includes a cow.  Laura Heine also uses this approach in some of her larger strip collage patterns, for example, the angel, the bull, and the squirrel.  As a one day class, this class is designed for the smaller size but you may choose the larger size. Just be aware that you will have more to finish at home (you will know how).  


Note that the “Teeny Tiny Collage Patterns” include 3 patterns but only one in each collection is the strip technique.   Some (not all) of the techniques we cover also apply to the other collages in these packages, but we will focus on the painterly strip patterns in this class.   You can also use the painterly strips techniques to make your own pattern later.

Supplies for Strip Mini Collage Pattern (note, these are the “Teeny Tiny” size patterns)

Laura Heine Teeny Tiny Collage Pattern or other Laura Heine Strip Collage Pattern.

Approximately 19 x 23” Pattern Ease for foundation

Many scraps or small pieces:  For the mini patterns, you need lots of small pieces (4x6” or 6”x* 8)

3-4  small pieces of tone on tone or low contrast prints to use in collage blending.

Steam a Seam 2 fusible (NOT the Lite version).  Strongly recommend Steam a Seam 2. These pieces are small and the Lite SAS2 may not hold. The 12” wide works fine but wider also works.

*****IMPORTANT**** Transparent Applique Pressing Sheet (17 x 24 or larger) works best.  It must be transparent or semi-transparent for these mini collage quilts. 

Black or dark Sharpie pen (medium or fine point, must be a ‘no-bleed’ permanent pen).

Rotary cutter, mat, and ruler (3x12 or similar is fine. Does not need to be a larger ruler)


Karen K Buckley medium scissors (ridged blades make cutting easier). 

Binding and Backing fabrics (not needed for class).

Instructor:  Kelly Zellars.  Contact Kelly at (please put Collage question in subject line) or call Kelly at 704-704-763-8041. 

Instructor Name:
Kelly Zellars

Mini Strip Collage Quilt

$ 50.00