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My mother made all my clothes and I had the best dressed Barbie in Dallas, Texas! Mama was my role model and inspiration. She could do anything she set her mind to. Owning a store like Sew Much Fun! has been a life long dream! I have always been crafty and started college as a Home Economics major, but ended up with a BS in Accounting (working in the tax field I guess you could say I was creative with numbers!) I have 3 grown sons, 7 grandchildren (4 girls, 3 boys) and a very supportive husband.

I have always loved crafts! My mother taught me to sew when I was ten and always encouraged me, even when I cut up her best fabric!! I have a degree in Home Economics from Appalachian. I love to sew and when I was introduced to machine embroidery, it was love at first sight! Working at Sew Much Fun is always a creative adventure for me. I teach various classes including Embroidery Mastery classes for your new BERNINA. I am married and have two grown children and two grandsons. Just another excuse to buy more fabric!! Hope to see you soon at Sew Much Fun!



  I have been sewing about as long as I can remember. One of the first lessons I learned from my mother was not to use her sewing scissors for anything else. We made almost everything I wore until I graduated from college and started teaching. When my students found out that I made some of my clothes, they told me that they “looked real.” I have knitted and cross-stitched from many years, but I have only been quilting for about two years. I consider myself “Queen of the Quilt Tops” as I have yet to finish any of the quilt tops I have sewn. I am envious of all of the beautiful projects that Sew Much Fun! customers start -- and finish.   Maybe one day . . .

EileenEileen - Sales Staff/Teacher 
I grew up in a small town outside Pittsburgh, Pa. My family & I moved to Clover SC 11 years ago & we’re here to stay.  I learned to sew from my mom and grandma when I was about 10.  They taught my sisters & I to sew, knit, crochet, & embroidery.  My first sewing machine was a gift from my grandma, her White treadle, I still have it and YES, it still works!  I made clothes, costumes, quilts, etc. for myself, my children, & gifts for friends & family; however my passion is quilting!   Most important in my life is Jesus & my family; I married my high school sweetheart 39 years ago, we have 3 grown children (2 girls & 1 boy) & 4 grandchildren (2girls & 2 boys).  I recently have discovered Longarm quilting when I joined the Sew Much Fun! Family & I just love it! 

IleneIlene - Sales Staff
 I had an interest in sewing when I was in middle school.  I took home economics and made a shirt that turned out pretty decent.  Needless to say, school and socializing got in the way and I lost interest.  I picked it back up when I got married.  My mother-in-law sewed all of her clothes while she was working a full time job.  I loved the way they looked and asked her to help me so she started me with an easy shirt pattern (easy for her) and I made a mess of it. My passion to sew was still strong so I joined a quilting club in my town.  A lovely, 80 year old woman instructed me in quilting and I have been quilting ever since.  That was over 30 years ago!  I am constantly learning and striving to improve with each project so I am thankful to be working at Sew Much Fun! to learn from the best and gain wisdom from our customers.



I started sewing when I was five years old. I wasn't allowed to use the sewing machine so I had to hand sew my Barbie clothes. My first job was in a large fabric store with the same name as me. I sewed garments for years and made my first quilt after my daughter was born. Twenty years later I'm still making quilt tops. I love the challenge of a new pattern or technique but get bored with the quilt once I know what it will look like finished. I have so many quilt tops. I am called the Queen of Acrylic because of my love of any new ruler or template. I love to teach quilting classes and work hard doing all your cutting and pressing in class so you will really miss me when you go home.